How to spend money to be happier?

Life is alive, it is inevitable to make money and spend money, but how do you spend the money in your hands to be happier?

  I usually get together with friends and look for food and drink in Guangzhou. The disadvantage is that I’m getting fatter.

American psychologists have discovered that playing is more fun than eating, and it is also easier to spend money and travel.

  Leif, a happy physician at Colorado State University?


Bonn said that memories of travel and other experiences have alternating durations and are more fun than real things.

He said that the experience is more conducive to bringing positive emotions. After years of polishing, people may forget the unpleasant things during the journey and arrange for too long, and only remember the bright smiles on the children during the trip.

  Bonn explained that memory is a good sieve. Under the screening of time, we will forget those unpleasant experiences; we re-organize the memory and put some good feelings in the experience, but it is difficult for us to do the same thing to the real thing.Because these are real.

He believes that if a high-definition digital TV fails, we can also watch home theaters, and it is difficult for people to have such pure memories of high-definition televisions.

  According to Bonn, benchmarking physical, memory-producing experiences is more useful for maintaining social relationships.

Experience has social value, a prerequisite, and good social relationships are an integral part of achieving happiness and satisfaction.