Will you cook for me?

When I was a teenager, I didn’t like the kitchen very much.

At that time, the concept of the kitchen was always understood as that the restraint on women was more than the actual life.

  It seems that the meaning of the kitchen is there for the revolution, not for cooking.

Although in the next few years, we girls who do not love the kitchen are no more promising than the good wife and mother, and the idea at the time was indeed put forward for us seriously.

It is a bit too extreme and ridiculous to think about it now, especially when we really talk about a love relationship about marriage in the future. This kind of tone is generally met with the stubborn resistance of men.

After being married, some aspiring women who were unswerving at first were finally carried back to the kitchen by their husbands and children, sometimes calling them love for their love.

  This is probably a kind of surrender.

Anyway, people in this life always have to make this or that compromise, and sometimes they get used to it and forget it.

The women who rush into the kitchen after work may not necessarily be painful, but sometimes they will encounter men who have been sold cheaply and be okay. Noisy women must be convinced that they must take it orally, so sometimes they willI found that my eldest colleague, who had also cooked a teenage meal for her husband, was still full of grievances, and the girls who had just graduated debated with men about who should cook.

  It can be seen that women are still very coquettish, and sometimes men just need to make theoretical concessions.

In fact, who really wants her husband to soak in the kitchen every day.

In China, most women are educated when they are young. They still need to take care of three meals for their loved ones. No matter how hard their mouths are, they just want to know in their hearts that this man really cherishes himself.

In some days when you are tired, you can eat a bowl of hot noodles. However, some men do this. They say that they can do everything for their loved ones, but they refuse to commit themselves to cooking a few meals for their wives.I admit that it is natural for a woman to enter the kitchen, not because she loves you will feel more comfortable in her heart. Can this reduce the burden of love?

  Of course, such a woman’s mind also has a prerequisite, that is, your woman is stupid enough and loves you enough, in fact, silly women in the world still account for the majority.

If you ca n’t choose, you can only resent the man ‘s own vision, but I also like to see those women who are not stupid. In fact, many men who really go to the hall are picked by such women.

Silly women sometimes envy their hits, but in fact I should admire them for being smart.

Marrying a man is either a successful career or a distressed wife. Even if love can be for no reason, marriage requires reasons other than love anyway. Many women are smart here.

Take it this way, if you are tolerant, one can be a married man, and a man who has both is a treasure of treasure, that is the blessing you cultivated in your last life.

If there is neither man, let’s break up quickly.

The theoretical kitchen problem is simply four words.

Whether a man will cook for a woman is actually decided at a very young age. When a man refuses to enter the kitchen for a lifetime, he either recognizes that he will cook for a lifetime, or he leaves early.

The most important thing is to turn around for a lifetime in the end, but it is not willing to spend a lifetime, neither willing to dedicate to heart, nor to leave altogether.

  Speaking of which, I’m afraid I’m going to offend many big men.

Women who claim not to talk nonsense with men can easily cause men to fight against them.

It’s funny to think of it, because sometimes when I answer a man that I do n’t cook at home, the next sentence I get is often “Who dares to marry you in the future?”

“Such a question, this kind of concern can sometimes be a gentle threat to women like me who don’t follow the rules of the game.

Men are always one country on this issue, and seeing a woman like me is a bad example, so although it is not related to his own eating problem, he must also be slammed and beaten. In their view, the worldWithout the swagger of a woman like me, many women with good nature would be better educated.

  In fact, the problem of making or not cooking is naturally better.

Sometimes the lip-sucking person prefers cooking because he can’t stand the tastelessness of another person’s food.

This is an interesting reason, but once I met such a friend, it was a man who would run out of the restaurant even if he talked with his mouth, or killed a man who refused to enter the kitchen by simply taking white water for cooking.Never let your girlfriend get used to the problem of not cooking, and his cousin also said that if the wife lets you cook, you will miss the pot the first time, and if you do it the second time,Boil the pot again so she won’t let you cook again in the future.

  Many married sisters around them will use their own examples to warn them not to cook at the beginning, because this will lay the foundation and go a certain way.

However, life is a real thing. If this kind of thing causes endless chatter, or some of them have grievances, then such a life is probably depressed.

Women look for a man who truly cherishes himself. Sometimes it is more important than appearance, even more important than your own passionate love.

Because in the final analysis, marriage is a shoe under one’s feet, and it is only you who knows whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable.

If you want to cook for him willingly, marry with confidence.

Don’t force yourself to marry if you don’t want to.

Although there are so many men who refuse to enter the kitchen in the world, there are still many men who are willing to cook for their beloved women. For the latter kind of men, women should also have a cherishment because theyI love you so much.

Next time, if a boy tells a girl that he loves her.I do n’t think the girl can stop asking a simple sentence like “Dear, would you like to cook for me?”