[Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Purslane]_ Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease _ Purslane _ How to Treat

Purslane is a common wild vegetable and a common Chinese patent medicine. We all know that purslane can drive insects and has certain effects on the body’s toxins and bacteria.

It is said that folk remedies found that purslane can treat eczema and hand, foot and mouth disease, but also go to the hospital and follow the doctor’s schedule.


Hand, foot and mouth disease itself is not fatal, but it can be dangerous if the virus causes serious complications.

Therefore, the focus of treatment is to protect the cardiopulmonary function, and at the same time to expel the virus.


The quickest way to get rid of intermediate viruses is laxative, causing mild diarrhea.

Because your child is young, do not use powerful laxatives.

It is best to use too much traditional Chinese medicine.

Purslane is very suitable, it can detoxify and clear the intestinal heat, and it can also defecate gently.


Do not treat your child with colds in the usual way, especially do not abuse antipyretics.


A child with an oral rash will be reluctant to eat without forcing him.

You can give him some bananas.

Banana cold, and smooth intestines, can integrate certain adjuvant therapeutic effects.


For hands, feet and mouth herpes do not rush to cure with drugs, treatment is useless.

It is poisonous in the blood, not in the skin, and it is useless to rub it with an external wipe.

When it gets better, it will return on its own.