[Can pregnant women eat almond kernels]_Pregnancy_Impact

Almond kernel is a very popular snack. This snack has high nutritional value. It can supplement a large amount of VE for the human body. It also has antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It is very good for some health problems.enhancement.

For pregnant women, almond kernels are also foods that can be eaten, but it must be appropriate, otherwise it will cause pregnant women poisoning and even affect the baby’s development.

First, can pregnant women eat almond kernels Almond kernels are rich in nutritional value, the VE content is up to 27 per 100 grams of almond kernels.

12 grams, the highest content in nuts, VE has anti-aging effect, the feed flower acid contained in almond kernel also has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory functions, VE, synthetic flower acid and other nutrients can work together to resist manyChronic diseases and cancer are the fruits of diet.

It can be consumed by the general population, especially for women, but almond kernels are poisonous and should not be overdose.

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat it, so pregnant women must not eat almond kernels, but you can eat other nuts to supplement nutrition, such as pecans, green fruits, etc., are good choices!

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to the quality and shelf life of nuts when purchasing nuts. If mothers want to pursue high-quality, safe and healthy nuts, they will not hinder the selection of Donglin nut products. All are packed with nitrogen, which is relatively healthy and assured.

Second, pregnant women should be careful to eat hawthorn. Many pregnant women like to eat sweet and sour food after pregnancy, and sometimes want to eat hawthorn.

However, pregnant women need to eat hawthorn with caution, because hawthorn has the effect of causing uterine contraction, especially for pregnant women with habitual abortion, spontaneous abortion and signs of threatened abortion, it is best not to eat it.

In addition, if healthy pregnant women accidentally eat hawthorn, there is no problem with a small amount. If there is a large amount, it is better to check with the doctor to avoid accidents.

Third, pregnant women should be careful to eat longan. Longan is a nutrient-rich fruit. Li Shizhen once recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “food is lychee is expensive, while benefit is longan is good.” This shows the high nutritional value of longan.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although in theory, longan has the effect of conceiving, but most women have yin and blood deficiency after pregnancy, and yin deficiency causes internal heat.

Chinese medicine claims that it should be cool before the fetus, and longan is hot. Therefore, in order to avoid possible accidents, pregnant women should eat longan carefully.

Fourth, pregnant women should be cautious of allergic fruits. In addition, certain allergic fruits, such as mango, pineapple, kiwi, etc., pregnant women should also be cautious.

For example, allergenic proteins in mango, bromelain in pineapple, and fruit acid in kiwi are common allergenic substances that cause fruit sensitivity.

Due to the special nature of pregnancy, even if the pregnant woman does not have an allergic reaction to a certain fruit before pregnancy, it is not recommended to eat too much at once for the sake of insurance.

If pregnant women have never eaten such allergenic fruits before pregnancy, it is better to eat too much at one time after pregnancy to avoid allergies.