[Pumpkin flower stuffed meat practice]_Homemade pumpkin flower stuffed meat practice_Pumpkin flower stuffed meat practice Daquan_How to make pumpkin flower stuffed meat

Some people may have thought of cooking at home, but because the cooking is really bad, they have to go out to eat. In fact, there are many home-cooked dishes that are just delicious and easy to learn. Sometimes they say pumpkin flower stuffing.The practice of meat is very simple, and those who are willing to cook for themselves do not prevent them from trying to learn.

1. Prepare all materials 2. As shown in the picture, remove the green part of the pumpkin flower.

3. Remove the fascia from the pedicel as shown in the picture.

4. Then pull the flower out with your fingers.

5. After flowering out.

Make sure the flower shape is still complete.

6. Rinse well with tap water and drain the water for later use.

7, vegetable grater, marinate with an appropriate amount of salt, and then squeeze the water to dry.

Chopped again.

8. Mince pork, add salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir vigorously.

9. Add the chopped shallots and grated vegetables and mix well.

10, take a flower, put in the adjusted filling, compact with a spoon, five full.

11. Then fold the petals one by one.

12, look like when done.

13. Place the cooked pumpkin flower stuffed meat in a deep dish with the mouth closed and place it in a deep dish, steam it in the pot, and steam for 15 minutes after it is gas.

(Why deep?

(After steaming, there is soup left by steam and vegetable juice.) 14. When steaming vegetables, prepare water starch for use.

15. Put the steamed flowers in the plate.

The soup is useful later.

16. Pour a small amount of oil in the pot to heat, pour the soup, and pour the water starch into the pot.

17, you can pour the lotus root juice on the pumpkin flowers. 18, here is a separate, fresh flower food. Has it tempted you?

19, another finished product posing 20, tossing and tossing and tossing and wondering which plate to use.

Many people now suffer from gastrointestinal diseases due to improper diet. The method of stuffing meat with pumpkin flowers is simple and can also regulate the gastrointestinal diseases.